How do i redownload Armor Paint after purchase

I reset my PC and I wanted to redownload Armor Paint but I didn’t get any receipt with a link or smth because when I go to the download page it asks me to purchase it I didn’t have an option to log in or anything. Please help!

go to this page and read sentences marked with dots

But it isn’t free right? i bought Armor Paint like 10 days ago

Well, It asks me to pay when I go on its page and try to download it. But there is no option to create an account so you could redownload it if you have bought it before.
But I think you should contact this guy Lubos he is the developer. I think he can help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well ive bought it before and i already sent Lubos an email and he told me that i go to this Gumroad website and it should appear there but as it never told me to login or register anywhere. It doesnt matter because when i registered there it didnt magically give me the Program

Well i have just got a backup of my old HDD which still has it on it thx anyways but for the future id still love to know how i can realiably get my product back when i need it