How do you use enviorement maps?

I’m using a .hdri image on a background node for my world material, it works well in bender, but I can’t launch the player, neither in krom or browser, this traceback pops out:

The problem persist with images in other formats, regardless of size. What do I have to do to get this to work?

Like this:

Edit: sorry, i must have posted this by mistake

Your attached image doesn’t seem to show - Anyway, environment maps works on my end. You might want to try simplifying the path, spaces (such as the one between “Armory Projects” and underscores sometimes causes problems - You’ve tried other HDR maps?

Yes, I tried different images from various sizes and formats, always yielding the same result.
I tried getting rid of spaces and underscores, but the problem persists.
Thanks for your attention.

Does it still provide an error message if you turn off both radiance and irradiance probes? - Also, I notice you’re using version 0.6, I take it that it’s the itch version without any git updates?

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Turning off those probes solves the problem, thanks.
Indeed, I haven’t updated my version of .6.

Good to hear you solved the problem,
While it does take a bit of the realism off (the probes adds a nice effects from the environment map), but as long as it works - I think the bug was solved a little after the 0.6 release

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Hmm, I’ve been putting off updating armory, and now i don’t remember where it was explained how to update it, do I need to use an updater or just clone the current armory version from github?