How does one add a sun lamp?

I am just starting out in Armory, and I am looking for a way to add a directional light (sun lamp) to my project. I know how to do this in Blender, but not in Armory. Any advice is welcome.

The same way, last I checked. If the lamp is working unexpectedly, let us know.

Am I compiling incorrectly? I don’t think that I am, but the lamp is still a point light no matter what I do. I am using blender 2.79b with Armory_05_win64_b27. It may sound silly, and it probably is, but could you give me a step by step walk through? (including the compiling process)

Alright, so first things first, lamps in non-raytracing situations will always be trash.

That’s a sun lamp in Eevee behaving the exact same way it does in Armory.
The solution can be to set up an object that focuses the “light” or rather obscures a good portion of it.
Start with a cube or cylinder, depending on the shape of your light.
Make sure a face is cut out (deleted). Press space, search commands, flip normals. Scale it until it encompasses the lamp and directs it nicely:
Literally just press F5.

It works!
If it starts to illuminate the stuff outside the lamp object’s path, check the light’s radius.

That is an interesting way of doing it. It certainly works, but the rays of the light are not parallel as they would be from a true directional light. Is there any way to achieve that? (I suppose one could move the light source so far back that the distortion isn’t noticeable, but that doesn’t seem like a good solution.) I guess what I am asking is does Armory have true directional lights?

I’m not quite sure… Leaning towards no. So far I have not found the magical setting that fixes it, could be the field of view on the lamp.

OK Thanks for the help.