How does the baking work in ArmoryPaint?

Hey everyone, I’m sorry if this may have been asked several times here as I’m new. I was not able to find any topics or tutorials detailed enough of this. I just want to know how I can bake from a high poly to a low poly in ArmoryPaint. I generally use substance painter but for my viewers on youtube I wanted to find a cheaper alternative for them so I’m trying to figure out how its done here. If anyone has a detailed tutorial or perhaps can explain this to me that would be great. All I want to know is how to load in multiple models successfully for baking and how to bake them as only cube shows up under some of the options.

On a side note I’ve tried to import both the high and low poly via the scene tab which worked. However when you go to bake and select something like normals it doesn’t list neither the high or low poly object imported, only cube is displayed.The layers system seems pretty simple, its just knowing how the baking works and loading in the high and low poly models successfully.