How to add trait by node

my name is Jonathan, I’m starting today with armory. Is possibile add ui trait by node?

I want hide the UI and show after few seconds, because i want change the ui showed depends from user interaction.

Thank so much for your help

I think the better way is to use a unique canvas, always present, with all the elements. And then use the “Canvas set visible” node on the elements you want to hide/show.

I’ve seen that exists empty element on armory2d. Is possibile nidify the elements inside this ?

Yes, that’s it !
you can make groups of UI elements inside an empty. It’s a bit tricky :

  • create an empty,
  • create an UI element
  • in the outliner, right click on the UI element, drag to empty, left click, release both buttons… et voila !
  • play with “Canvas set visible” nodes

Works. many thanks this is it the right solution.

Good :slight_smile:
Maybe should you change the topic title to something more in relation of showing / hiding UI elements, it would be helpful for others. You can also add [solved]
Have a nice day.

Sorry, I’m not seen the button for edit the title.