How to add virtual gamepad using node system? i canot figure out from the example given!

i am trying to implement virtual game-pad in my project using node system. i referred the example given. but can’t understand how it is implemented. please explain.

The example uses the following tree:


The Gamepad Coords node creates the on-screen gamepad joysticks and outputs the position of the sticks and the movement of the sticks.

The position outputs, Left Stick and Right Stick, should output vectors where the x and y components of the vector represent the current position of the joystick. The example uses these vectors to set the rotation of the cube that the trait is applied to.

The movement outputs, Left Movement and Right Movement, should output a vector where the x and y components represent the movement speed of the corresponding virtual joystick.

Do you have any other specific questions?

You can use this configuration. It works for PC and gamepad.

And an example on Armory Blender 2.8.
botao_Virtual.blend (690.0 KB)

I have done this. No game pad showing on the screen. But example file downloaded from git is working fine. I am working on Ubuntu 18.04.

I’m working on ubuntu 18.04 too. And the file work properly. You need use Armory Armory_05_linux64_b28

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