How to apply velocity on object

I have on old scene with an empty that is parented to the camera… The empty moves with the camera and when the space bar pressed the location of the empty is used to spawn the object… This object have rigid body with collisions so that the object gets spawned with the location of the empty and just falls…
What node do I use to apply a force on the object to make it act like a bullet?

Hi, for a bullet, it is best to use apply impulse logic node.

Also a few tips for when using bullets:

  1. Try using a sphere collider, even if your bullet object is not a sphere. Since this has the fastest collision algorithm and is accurate.

  2. For the bullet rigid bodies, turn on Continuous collision detection (CCD) in Blender so that fast moving rigid bodies do not clip through other rigid bodies. This CCD must be enabled only for the objects that move very fast and not all physics objects in the scene.