How to best modify vertices and UV bindings at runtime?

I plan to present furniture of variable dimensions.

  1. One way would be to split all up into seperate parts and individually scale there dims.
    That will cause weird textures.

  2. Another other way would be filter all verticies by VGroupNames (supported?) or BBox and translate them,
    as well as also offsetting their UV coords to keep valid texturing.

  3. Would try the same with bones and weighting.

  4. I also tried to use shapekeys. How to access those at arm runtime ?

  5. Or can I use Hooks ?

How should I approach this ?

I now set up my mesh to be properly deformed by 3 separate bones.
Will start tinkering to move the bones in arm.

@lubos kindly offered on Twitter to add an example to github, but I don’t know, if altering UVs is already supported.