How to create a terrain in latest SDK?(Solved)

I thought it’s easy, but every time I create a terrain mesh, with or without rigid body settings, my rigid body character clips through it like physics world is not working, did I miss something?
I test this with latest SDK in blender 283.

Hi @olsen,

What type of rigidbody are you using for the terrain?

If possible, please share your file as a .zip. Then I can look into the details.

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Thanks for the swift replay, @QuantumCoderQC.
I use passive rigid-body with convex hull- settings for terrain mesh, active-rigid-body with dynamic-box-unchecked deactivation -settings for logic node controlled character, it works well with simple plane mesh for terrain, but it will fail instead of using convex shaped meshes.
I observed the official example of third-person terrain, I noticed that the terrain mesh goes without rigidbody and being parented to an empty, I mimicked that still in vain.
here is my sample
Thanks :blush:


So, After some testing, here are my remarks.

For terrain meshes, it preferred to use Mesh type of Rigid Body. SInce the terrain has both troughs and crests, it is not a convex body. So, use Mesh type rigid body.

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Great! it works! Tons of thanks to you!QuantumCoderQC
It’s so dumb for me to miss the option “mesh” for a long time, it’s so trivia for me to notice,
now I can say it’s easy for everyone to create a terrain!

Thanks! I’m excited!