How to detect something when hovering over it

I’m porting a point-and-click panoramic-viewing game. In Arm3D I’m using World maps to paint the pre-rendered background image for each location.
The original game uses equirectangular indexed PNG images that match the full background image to detect when the mouse is hovering or clicking on a region that has been painted onto the hotspot map (the colors are used to distinguish different hotspots).
This a whole different engine now and trying to figure this out.
I can’t make an object for each hotspot, I have way too many game locations to be practical. I am trying to leverage all the assets I’ve created so far, including the hotspot images. I don’t mind batch converting everything if necessary. (already have to change my cube-map images to equirect images for Arm3D.
I have a feeling I will have to take a completely different approach that I can’t foresee right now.

Hi, I did not fully understand the concept of the game you are porting. Would you have some reference game or better yet some gameplay footage of what you mean. Then I could ask some better questions and hopefully come to a solution for your case.

If your object has RigidBody physics, you can use the Pick RB node: reference_motion · armory3d/armory Wiki · GitHub


Logic node setup example from @ QuantumCoderQC on Discord:

If you are old enough to remember the Myst Games from the 90s, those were panoramic viewports, no translation, just rotation. Prerendered ‘skyboxes’ define the entire view when looking around and new locations (‘nodes’) just load a different skybox texture.
I need a way to arbitrarily detect when the cursor is over any particular region of the background and fire off some activity.
CursorInRegion node does exactly that but it’s just a simple shape and for a game with potentially hundreds of potential regions not practical (and only works on 2D, not a spherically-wrapped background)
I can probably do what I want in Haxxe since it can work with image libraries (I assume) to follow a similar method to Pipmak and even reuse my original heatmap images.
But I want do as much as possible with Logic nodes first.