How to export a file to windows

I have made a very simple scene with a character controller etc, when I export the game for windows it creates a new folder called build_test and that is where I thought I would find the exe file but I can not find any sort of file that will run the game.

Can anyone tell me where the file is located or if I’m missing something?


Let me know if your successful on the windows build. I am having issues in Visual Studio and haven’t gotten anywhere. It was complaing about a missing .pch file ,which I solved by adding a stdafx.cpp and stdafx.h files, changing a few settings, and hitting compile on the stdafx.cpp. I then ran into more errors that I couldn’t figure out. Fairly new to Visual Studio and Armory so this is some setting I’m prolly just missing.

I have now read the Manuel but after pressing publish I do not have a sln file in the folder it specifies it indeed anywhere in the build folder. Any ideas why this is?

I tried on the mouse_lock examples

1)On the armory exporter, dont forget to click on the “+” button and chose “Windows” as target.
2)Click on the publish button
3)There will be “build_mouse_lock” folder created
4)In that folder there is “windows-build” folder and in that folder is the solution file created.

If the folders or solution file is missing, you need to look at the console(Windows->Toggle System Console) to check if there is any error.

I also faced the same export problem with my windows 10 operating system. I have been using a dell laptop/But sometimes occurred BIOS problem. I thought it would b solve after update dell bios and got the solution. But could not be updated the bios and unsolved the export file to windows.