How to get an object cubic bounding box?

Like a world bounding box. When object rotates and scales, it should adjust but stay cubic.

Only thing i can think of right now is blender’s “Cube” type collision. if you want to make it real-time tho, some real math can maybe solve the problem.

It needs to be real time.

How about this:

We make somthing like this, then move the planes closer to the cube on transform updates.
I hope you get what i mean.

No no no… its to expensive. I need just coordinates for continuous calculations. Pure math

Maybe a trip to google might help. :smile:

Im shooting in all directions. Believe me.

@zicklag ? :smile: … u pretty good at these things

Hmm, I don’t know right off. I know that you can get the axis aligned bounding box (aabb), but I don’t know of anything else. I’ll take a quick look around.

Yeah this is a little outside of my range. The only suggestion I can give is that all the information you need should be in the object.transform and with the calculateAABB() function potentially being useful.

Ok. I’m already looking into that. Thx anyways

I’m not sure if this is inefficient, but you could loop through every vertex, and record the maximum and minimum X, Y, and Z values you encounter. That is probably the most straight-forward way to do it.

Very expensive :)) …

That is how Armory calculates the AABB:

It would be more expensive because you must apply the object transform to the vertex locations, though.