How to GetChild while ignoring the .001 after the name

Hello, I’m enjoying armory since a few days ago and ran into a problem of GetChild, that is, accessing to child with its name.

Say I have two objects, tank1 and tank2, since I’m working around the tank tutorial. I also have an object called spawnLocation as a child for each tank object. Thus, My scene would look something like


Now, I would like to make a single node tree that can be used as a trait for both the tank objects, while getting the location of the spawnLocations.


However, this won’t work. I believe this is because one of the spawnLocation is automatically renamed as “spawnLocation.001”, which is kinda different from the name I gave as the input.

So my question is "Is there any sophisticated way to get the Child by the name while ignoring the index in the name?"

Note that

  1. Using GetChildren node works but using a indexing number doesn’t seem to make a readable node tree.
  2. I would like to keep them in a single node.

Thanks for your attention.

Can you use the self node as the input and then drop the nodetree on each element?

Thanks for the reply. I’m not quite getting what you mean by your advise but I’ve tried feeding the self node the object node of the Get Child node, which didn’t work.

If you meant that I should use the node tree as a trait of the spawnLocation, that’s what I’m tring to avoid.

I meant the first. Sorry i was just a guess off the top of my head

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In the latest git armory it is now possible to specify search type, which should do what you are after:


Alternatively, working with children array (to search for multiple objects):


That’s exactly what I wanted!!! Thank you so much!

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