How to increase and decrease the score variable

Hi, I was trying to get a system in place where I can increase and decrease a score for example when pressing a key, set the score to +1 but when a different key pressed set score to -1.
If anyone know a good way to do this with variables

that would be great.

You should use the same variable

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Thanks, honestly I think you are the only reason I haven’t given up armory already👍

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Thanks! That’s is very kind of you :slight_smile:

Your tutorial series is indeed very good. And I would very much appreciate if you continue this good work!

As a programmer, me and other programmers have difficulty in knowing what non-programmers find difficulty in understanding. If you want something to be done, or a series of things even, just put up a question here or on discord with all the things you want to realize in Armory. I will try my best to answer them.

P.S. I usually reply faster on discord :wink:

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