How to make a shadow catcher plane in Armory

Hello friends!
I’m in the process of making some RICE with my wife … Hummm :thinking: this can be misleading… it’s a Real-time Interactive Cinematic Experience called Resilience Satelle.

So far we are just dealing with graphics, but the interactive parts will be eventually made in Armory.

The project will be made with pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D characters on top, pretty much like Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil on the PlayStation.
The reason is to make things less complicated (at the programming phase) for me and attempt to have it compatible with equipment ranging from cell phones to desktops, while looking the same.

Therefore the main thing to get right is an shadow catcher shader, so that the characters seem to actually be on the location and not floating.

Does anyone knows how to make a good shadow catcher plane in Armory?

see if this tutorial matches for you:

Thanks for the link @Musa! Armory and Eevee, in many cases, don’t work quite the same yet, but I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if it work in armory but, in this video he’s not explaining so well.
Like in deprecated internal blender render, you can interact in the final shader, manipulating the colors. Is commonly used to create cel-shading shaders.

The color ramp is being a low-pass filter. If you increase the light, brighter will be the colors rendered and more higher is the value of the colors.

Color ramp receives a float and outputs a vector.

Perhaps you should use a Transparent node. Normally you end with a emission shader instead of another pbr.
Don’t need to use RGB to BW Node before the color ramp.
Transparency node need Blend Mode set to Alpha (Material tab/Settings)

Thanks @C.Arts!

Following more or less the video I was able to get a Shadow Catcher in Eevee:

I attempted to run it in Armory, but I’ve got a series of error messages, not related to the shadow catcher. I’m using blender 2.81 Alpha, I need to try to run it on normal 2.8.

Nice character and colors!

I think colorramp is not fully functional yet:

Thanks! It’s my testing mascot :slight_smile:
Yeah! I confirm that Colorramp doesn’t seem to be working yet.