How to make html5 game full screen on browser?

I used .requestfullscreen() on canvas and set mode to fullscreen in armory project and it doesn’t show my game full screen on browser by default. It only shows very small screen with canvas with area of approximately 100px^2. How do you get your game to work on full screen on web browser such that it works on every device?

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You can set it to fullscreen in the window section of the armory property here.

That will make it scale to all devices.

Still Doesn’t work. It works only for armory player. I think I want the canvas of published html5 game be full page. What I mean is let’s not get full screen but full page of web browser. I asked other dev they said you can’t get fullscreen by default. So is there way to get game to full page?

look inside the html file., maybe it will help.

I just changed my index.html to yours and it works but it stretch button too large. Any advice?

Fullscreen ->Window

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