How to modify via UITrait.hx the Image Texture in Shader Nodes?

Is it possible to modify the filename of the Image Texture from Iron for this node ?

(for example, using armory script2d example,

—>>you set the filename via the ui like in this picture;

–>> We can find the “project.addAssets(“assets/checker_rough.png”);” line inside the khafile.js

–>> Thus in your UITrait.hx you have a h.text that contains the filename of your image (see code below );

        if (ui.window(Id.handle(), 20, 20, 230, 600, true)) {
        // Make panel in this window
        if (ui.panel(Id.handle({selected: true}), "montest")) {
            // ouverture fichier
            var h = Id.handle();
            ui.row([1/2, 1/2]);
            if (ui.button("Load")) {
             // le h.text contient notre fichier image 

Thus the question is how can we then use this h.text to set the filename in the Shader Node inside the UITrait.hx where we have got the h.text ?

There is no nice way yet, but will fix that soon with material parameters feature (#451).

Going the low-level way, we could do something like this:

// Load image asynchronously
var imagePath = "path/to/some/image.png";, function(image:kha.Image) {
	// Image is now loaded
	// Get active scene
	var scene =;
	// Get mesh object named "Cube"
	var cube = scene.getMesh("Cube");
	// Get first material
	var mat = cube.materials[0];
	// Overwrite the first texture linked to this material
	mat.contexts[0].textures[0]	= image;
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