¿How to move objects or traits from other scenes to the current scene?

Hello everyone!!! I need transfer a object or a trait (both options serve me) from one scene for the actual scene, someone know how? Thx!!!

Hi @Tincho9,

In Armory, scenes are essentially a group of objects. So, one way to “spawn” an object from another scene into the current scene would be by using the spawn object node itself. If you have multiple objects in another scene and would like to spawn the entire set, then try spawn scene node.

You could also use the spawn collection node node to better organize your objects.

As for the traits, they do not belong to any particular scene, unless they are applied to the scene itself. They are referred to as Scene Traits. You may use add trait node to add a trait to an object, independent of the scene in which it is.

Hope this helps,