How to record highscores?

I will soon release a little (not giant) game. I need to store the score of players somewhere, but I don’t know how…
Is there some service online, where I can store the highest score of best players, so it could add some competition to the game ?
The game is called “Cubuesque”.
some pics :


Your game looks nice!

As for the question, I don’t really know of any services, so my solution might be a bit overkill for just a leaderboard/high-score.

What I’d do is have some kind of database online that is reachable through a REST API somehow, usually this would probably be MySQL and a PHP based interface somehow. If you use either the free tiers from Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, it shouldn’t be costing anything either.

If you want to create your own little server, or just want to test it on your own computer easily, I can recommend XAMPP: - It already comes with a http server (Apache), database (MariaDB) and PHP.

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Thanks, Naxela, but I’m looking for a solution that is more ready to use…

I found something :
but I wonder if the api ( is callable in Armory (in Nodes or Haxe)

Could someone have a look at this to see if it’s doable ?

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It should be doable, although it depends on the platform you’re deploying your game to. I’m not sure if Krom can handle external connections for now, but if you’re deploying to HTML5 it should be simple to setup, either through Haxe or untyped JS since it’s based on RESTful API - I don’t think it’s doable with nodes, but I might look into it later and see if I can make an easy setup and host it on github later, if I’m able to get the time

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