How to transform UV per object spawned?

I know you can set parameters by material to manipulate the texture coordinates, but the values are applied to the main material itself.

In the meanwhile tilesheets can be spawned and play their action individually.

I searched in api but I didn’t find it. My goal is to create vfx.

sorry, read your post more thoroughly… my answer was not what you needed lol.
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I don’t know if you need it, but here is a tutorial on creating a vfx using tilesheets.

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I’m familiar with tilesheet, thanks.

If I want a linear movement of a seamless texture combined with rotation of the mesh.
This would be possible using a parameter in the material, but if there are two objects, the animation of the material will be synchronized. Both would be sharing the same material.

image link (gif)

If there is a “tornado spell”, each spell will be spinning in sync.

I think there’s some ongoing conversations about this on the discord, I believe right now there’s no way to modify anything from an specific object’s material, not even armory parameters.
It’d be a great feature to implement imho, though I don’t know if blender has what would be necessary.
Anybody knows if you can create new materials through haxe? I guess if so you could duplicate the base material when spawning the object.