How to Update ArmorPaint?

Hello, I downloaded ArmorPaint some time ago, and now would like to update the program (Current version: v0.8 (2020-10-24) - 784de44). When I go into the program and select Check For Updates, it says “Update is available! Please visit to download.”

But when I go to the Download section of, the only way to download is to pay for the program again. But next to that section, it says “All updates are included for free.”

I have searched the forums and could not find the information I’m looking for. What is the appropriate procedure to update the program?


Latest builds can be downloaded through your Gumroad Library. Alternatively, use the original email sent by Gumroad to access the download page.

In ArmorPaint, press Help - Check for Updates... to check if newer build is available.

It is the “Check for Updates” dialog that told me that updates were available from It seems like the text of the dialog is incorrect. Should I file a bug about it?

In this case i think is better to open an issue here or contact Lubos directly.