How to use Armory bundles?

Is there anything that needs to be done to use one of Armory’s bundles other than selecting an object, adding a bundle trait and selecting the class?

  • I’ve tried adding a first person camera bundle to a camera.
  • I’ve tried adding a SimpleMoveController to a cube.
  • I’ve tried adding a vehicle controller to a cube and 4 cylinders (using the parameters to set the wheels)

When I play Armory though, none of the bundles seem to actually do anything. I’ve tried setting the objects to rigid bodies, and using mouse/wasd/arrow keys, but I haven’t managed to get them working.

I’m wondering if there’s something I’ve missed to get bundles working?

vehicle-bundle.blend (796.3 KB)
FPCamera-bundle.blend (719.6 KB)
TPC-bundle.blend (805.9 KB)

I can say that the simple move has worked fine on a cube with in the last two days.