How to use mouse navagite my scene just like Tank game example?

Hi all, I download the Tank game example. I found it scene can be rotated or moved by my mouse left button pressed. I also found its armory output options were: “Krom”,“Scene”.

I try to make a simple game by myself, also set Runtime to “Krom”, and set Camera to “Scene”, but finally I can’t navigate my scene by my mouse pressed.

What I missed or options can be chosen? Could anyone help me archive it like tank game do?


In the tank example, the camera is parented to an empty object (Center):


The Center object has a trait called ArcBall, which is meant to provide the controls you’re seeking:


So in order to apply this to your own scene, you just need to parent your camera to an object (an empty in this case), and apply the ArcBall trait to the empty.

Hope it helps!