How to use "Probes"?

In the Camera Tab, there is the option “Probe”. Assuming it means reflection probe, I tried to put an empty image(assuming armory bakes out the image in it when starting) and a 360 degree picture in the Texture slot (where definetly a dropdown-selection for avaivable images is missing), which both resulted in this error when pressing F5:

I tried it with them being and not being in an Texture-solt in the Texture-Tab. If this option is not to create Reflection Probes at all, there should be one! SSRs seem too limited and Voxel GI too expensive on lowend/mobile devices(IMO).

Can someone please help me? I would really like to know how to use this properly.

Hi @Simonrazer, just returned from a short trip in Rome and found your topic. This option is indeed intended to create reflection / irradiance probes, unfortunately it got outdated and hence the error messages.

There are probes in Eevee now, so this will get reworked to align with that - in order to do things the ‘Blender way’ and keep Armory specifics down to minimal. Also agree about voxel gi being expensive, so more options are needed.