How you can write documentation for Armory!

Here is a little guide on how you can write some docs for other people to understand Armory better. There are other ways, but I think this is the easiest to write in after setup.

You need:

  1. GitHub account (register/sign in here)
  2. GitHub desktop program (download here)
  3. Gitbook Editor (download here,sign in with your github account when necessary)
  4. to know what and how you are going to explain the feature you are writing about

Logged into GitHub in the browser, navigate to Armorys doc repository. There click “Fork” in the top right.
Now install and sing into (if you haven’t done so already) Github desktop. When finished, click File → Clone repository. In the upcoming menu select a YOURNAME/armory_docs, and then hit done.

Then install GitBook (if you haven’t done so already), open it and on the top click GitBook Editor → Open, and then select the folder Git-hub desktop has cloned the docs to. In my case and I think I am on default settings, it is somewhere in the documents folder. Press “Select Folder”.

Now the actual editor should open. On the left you can see the hierarchy, which will then be seen in Armorys manual. You can rightclick there to add new Parts and Articles, drag them around to rearrange yours. In the middle you have your texteditor, on whichs top are some controlls, you can drag and drop images into.
Watch out, the image-names can not have spaces in them!

When you are done writing, click save in the top right. Then go to github desktop and press “Push origin”

Then go back to your webbrowser, go to your own fork of armory_docs (, press “New pull request” → “Create pull request”. Then describe what you have added, and send it off. Lubos will then judge your changes, and when they are accepted, others then can edit your work too. The actual manual-website only Lubos can update, but he will surely include community submissions that help others understand how to use Armory.

If you already did edit those docs, you only need to save in GitBook editor and press “Push origins” in GitHub desktop.


Great tutorial/guide! I hope this will lead to more people documenting the amazing stuff Armory is capable of, as they figure it out :slight_smile:

On a side note, if you like me find the gitbook editor frustrating to work with, kode studio (which comes with Armory) can also be used instead, if it doesn’t need to be strictly WYSIWYG (Gitbook is extremly bad on some devices?)

I chose to explain it with GitBook editor because it does not need any programming knowledge, since it works much like WordPad, with the simple hierarchy next to it. And also those bugs I experienced were after some more testing only occurring on this one laptop and not on 3 other PCs, so I think these things will happen to none else.

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Very useful! thank you!