HTML5 compilation does not respect parenting?

first post here. Recently started using Armory.

I see different behaviour when compiling my game from Blender or compiling from KodeStudio. Also the same when publishing to html5 target.

I have walls parented to an empty so I can rotate them from the center. In the first image (Krom execution from blender) it works ok.

In the second image (same project compiled from KodeStudio) the parenting is not respected and the walls appear in the center of the tile.

Is this a bug or is there any known restriction of some kind when compiling to html5?

Thanks. Keep up the good work

@jesuCarrasco Were you able to resolve this issue?

Hm sounds like a bug in Armory, perhaps some async issues when constructing the scene. Any test scene welcome, will address that.

Well, this is a little bit old. I took a different approach back then.

I tried to reproduce the problem with 0.5 version and everything went ok, so I guess this issue is just solved.

I’ll let you know if I encounter something similar in the future.