HTML5 on Safari and Microsoft Edge

My HTML5 output files seem to run fine on Firefox and Chrome but not on Safari or Microsoft Edge, so I can’t see my output on my iPhone. Will this work in the future?


HTML5 has to work in every browser, so it’s a bug, all we can do is wait ._.

What error are you getting? It should be visible in the developer console.

Also, try to select Mobile or Low option in Properties - Render - Armory Render Path - Preset. That should run even on older mobile devices which are webgl1 capable.

171 SCRIPT5007: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘data’ of undefined or null reference
kha.js (5774,2)

1681 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘data’ of undefined or null reference

now I get this:

HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
html5 (1,1)

SystemImpl.hx:327: Could not initialize WebGL 2, falling back to WebGL.

VrInterface.hx:36: Display enabled.

VrInterface.hx:56: There are no VR displays connected.

WEBAUDIO17014: Decoding error: The stream provided is corrupt or unsupported.

SCRIPT5147: SCRIPT5147: The ArrayBuffer is detached.
kha.js (11529,3)

4 SCRIPT5022: SCRIPT5022: Error: Could not compile shader:
Shader compilation errors
(2, 1): Required extension GL_EXT_draw_buffers is not supported
(2, 41): Internal compiler error

Works perfect on Firefox and Chrome

EXT_draw_buffers is needed for WebGL 1.0 to work. However, seems like it’s not working in Edge for some reason? Perhaps an issue on Safari also? See this thread.

HTML5 works great on safari after the update I got from apple customer service chat and it has also got a lot of features too.