I can't find a way to create an RGB node with specific hex or decimal values

For example, I have a color: R:43, G:82, B:137 (Hex #2B5289)
I don’t see a way to add those specific values when making a material. I have to do some math to get the exact color I’m wanting:

Essentially, you’re on the right path using math nodes to adapt stand RGB 0-255 to the 0-1 range. It’s a pain in the butt, however that’s what we have so far until the material nodes get some love. Personally, my node setup was using 3 Value Nodes hooked up to the proper math nodes to derive the correct colors for the Combine RGB Node. I prefer the Value Nodes because I can type in the exact number I want. So yeah, that’s our lot for now, lol.

If you think getting correct 0-255 color values is annoying, try using the rotation parameter of the Mapping Node. You will cry.