I Have An Idea


Let’s make a game together and sell it on Steam so that Armory can make money. Wouldn’t it be nice if this software has the resources for further development?

If you decide to do something like this, I would like to support you in the field of design. I also guarantee to buy the game we will make :slight_smile:

I don’t know about selling the game but I have an idea for a community event a some point in the future. It is called the Open Armory Project and essentially consists of a bunch of group projects that can be developed with Armory and made open to the public and let people play/ look behind the scenes at the logic. This is a great way to advertise Armory and give people a better understanding of how to create games themselves with the engine.

The plan was to build up a sufficient catalog of documentation and tutorials first tho. And as a result I think that this could begin round about the times of August/October. I can’t really say when as I don’t know how much I can get done by then but hopefully enough to start the OAP.


FYI, publishing any game on Steam requires a $100 USD fee. It’s however refundable once the game reaches $1,000 USD in revenue. Since the Armory game would most likely be open source, the revenue would probably need to come from either sponsored advertisements or in-app purchases (perks, character items, etc.).



In case you were unaware, this whole “open source community made-game” concept has already been thought of and discussed in the past. It didn’t exactly go anywhere, unfortunately.


The trouble was that the was a lot of hype over Armory back then, but it was very buggy and not many people knew how to use it. My hope is that once I have made enough tutorial, people will have the know how and info available to participate.

I will definitely organize the OAP (Open Armory Project), it is a matter of when that is still very variable.
I also have no plan to monetize any game made around the OAP.