I need help using the nodes to make a nicer Gun Texture

Hey Guys, I invested into this program because it looks awesome plus it’s supporting blender-related stuff in the process but I’m terrible at using the nodes even though I’ve used something similar with xml data for a procedural texture generator.

What I am trying to do is make a nicer PBR Gun Metal to go onto the Gun in my Evil Never Dies UE4 Game that I am working on since right now it looks pretty crappy. I thought maybe armorpaint could help me make it look 10x better hopefully but these nodes are just as confusing to me trying to play around with it to figure it out, heck I’m not even sure how the export is going to work out when I use it in UE4 but hey it’s worth a try…

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Hm, this is from a bit older version and rather primitive, but maybe helpful for a simple start? Afterwards a set of pbr textures is exported, I will create a section in the manual showing the import process into UE4 and others. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, oops, didn’t realize that was up there, my apologies and I will take a look – Thanks!