Icons for armory?

Will armory have official desktop icons anytime?

I made these two as im switching between 2.7/2.8


I ask because I also have the normal blender installed. All icons being the same is not helping.


I made these ones for me for Armory and Armory paint:

Everyone is free to use them and improve on them :slight_smile:

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Great and inspiring community effort !

Here is a test icon for Armory Paint, with paint strokes. Kept a longer stroke to make it different from Armory icon at lower size, but maybe additional/different colors would help too.

Feel free to use it and iterate on the inkscape svg source. It is available here until august 26, since the forum doesn’t allow .svg upload !



Looks good ,but how do you use them as a jpg?

Use your favorite app to save them as ico ( at least for windows).

I used krita to convert them

Hey, I might be a few years late…LOL, but I made a tutorial on changing desktop icon for armory 3d,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM5BhUNDiBI and want to show you how, and my render. FREE to download and use.

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I have two versions of Blender on my PC.
3.0 and 2.9 for Armory.
Is there a way to change the 2.9 Blender Icon to an Armory one?
So I can easily differentiate the two from each other.
Thank you,

Hi, this one I can answer. Just create a shortcut on your desktop for each version and change the icon in the property settings. Here you see what I mean …

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Ahhh yes… thank you.


Here it is, in all it’s glory.

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