If anyone can help me please! Character Animation

If anyone can help me please! I have this bug in the game my character presents error. It is on a larger scale and seems to reproduce the animation. Disable and active the “Only Deform Bones”
But it continues first with this option active the error was corrected now but no.

SDK Version 2023.12

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Could you please share a blend, so that people can take a look at it?


Here is the link:

I can’t upload here, I’m a new user. When I start the game, the standard character of “mixamo” works correctly, but mine doesn’t.
thanks for answering!

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Your characters do not have the same animation. If you select the animation of the mixamo for yours, they walk in sync. If you want it walking with a gun, then you need to download the respective mixamo animation.
main_.zip.blend (744.7 KB)

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@3D-Penguin, thank you.

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