Importing models

For some reason when I import a model from blender (doesnt matter wich model or wether its obj or .blend) i comes out all glitched with some of the faces unpaintable and glitchy looking (they look sort of grainy/noisy). My friend said this happens becouse some of the faces/normals are flipped. Is it what my friend said or is it another reason.

It does sound like it is because of the face normals.

In Blender, try going unto edit mode on the model and doing Ctrl+N, which runs the “Make Normals Consistent” operator. Then try to export it to obj and import it into ArmorPaint.

A way to make the incorrect normals more apparent in blender is to enable backface culling:

This will make faces with normals pointing inside of the object invisible.

It worked. Thanks for your help!

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@Potato_Poatoe Maybe take a look at this FAQ / troubleshooting thread (hint: your issue is covered in point 10 :wink: )

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Thanks. Your faq is really useful