Instanced children not rendering (build 9)

Hi all!
I’m having some issues when instancing objects. The problem is that in my scene I can render the instances without any problem, but when I set them as a child of the main object, they are not rendered anymore. If I clear the parent the meshes shows up again.
I noticed this in more scenes that I made before.
The fact is that if I create a new scene from scratch and follow the same process, it works, so, I don’t know what’s the dependency that makes it to not work in other more complex scenes.
Any advice on this?
Thank you very much!

Hi @Grumoth!

Strange that it works in other scenes. Can you share the problematic blend file so I could inspect and hopefully fix a bug? You can also PM me if you wish.


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Hi Lubos! Thanks for answering.
I’m gonna send you the file via PM on twitter (as I don’t find the way in this forum haha) .

Will post the solution here when we get it.

Thank you very much!