Interactive ArchViz

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share an interactive architecture visualization example that I created.


A link to the working example is in the video description. I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:.

Armory rocks :slight_smile:!



Looks great Sebastian :slight_smile:

Are the lights IES based or is it shadow based?

I really like the touch with the ground cursor!

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Thanks! These are real proper point lights with real proper shadows. Do you know if Armory supports IES based lights yet? That (+ disabling shadows for those lamps) would be a great performance improvement.

Armory should support it, at least I remember having had it working at some point - Examples available here (, and there is shader code for it in Armory, although I haven’t tried it out in a while to see if it still works, and I’m unable to test it out myself atm - but I hope it works :slight_smile:


Wonderful work. Really well done. I wonder if you would be willing to share your code/node trees for the movement and the ground cursor, those are things that I need to get firmly nailed down in my project


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