Interactive data presentation with ArchViz

This is a different kind of ArchViz in Armory3D I’ve been working on. Unlike usual ArchViz which is very realism-centered, I tried going for a more data-centered approach. This is one of the projects I’ve been working on, although due to NDA’s you’ll only get a crude context, and only half of the floor plans - But overall it shows the nice usage of Armory in ArchViz, here used to deliver architectural information such as daylight, area and context.

The model is a quick export from Revit, with the materials setup and applied in Blender/Armory.


Cool! Awesome to see somebody using Armory for a practical business application. :smiley:

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Good job on using the engine for something other than games!


Amazed once again by your work!

I’ve been working a bit more on using HTML5 and Armory. Being able to export architecture with HTML5 provides an immense mobility in terms of how and when you can present.

I’ve had a little time to continue on combining Armory and architecture with good results. Essentially it consists of some SVG’s, Armory(w. PNG/HDR textures, 3D Models), and all the interaction is a combination of logic nodes and Haxe. Haxe provides all the HTML/CSS/JS changes on runtime. jQuery and Charts JS is used through Haxe externs.

In this public example, only the staircase is shown (due to NDA’s and so on), but it shows that with relative ease it’s possible to setup interactive HTML5 examples. Everything combined (data, images, materials, HDR lightmaps, etc.) is only 4mb.

Try it out yourself here:

It works best on Chrome, Firefox has some SVG issues (the icons might disappear, just reload), Edge/IE doesn’t work - It works on Android (With Chrome and ironically, Edge) although it is not optimized.


That looks amazing! :smiley:

Like what you are doing … I’m really new to Armory, and am yet to produce anything. But this is just what I’m looking for. Are you planning on producing any tutorial videos?

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I wasn’t planning on making tutorials initially, but I have been getting questions about it - I might consider making architecture related tutorials with Armory once I finish my Armory addon projects

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