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Where can I buy a preview version of the SDK?

Nothing official has launched yet. Hopefully, we will get an official release date for the first build during the Armory presentation at this year’s Blender Conference but that may not happen due to…the nature of development for a lack of better terms.

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It seems that a few people are already testing Armory. I’m wondering if there is some mysterious way to get it. Oh, best way would be for free(only possible way for me as I am currently a student without any income at all) - by doing something to earn it. If it’s impossible to get it (or impossible to get for free), than I’ll just continue living.
But I’ll be happy as a :penguin:penguin if I get to try the Armory 3D :blush:

Hey @adriansnetlis!

Nice to see you around. There is some small scale testing going on for the preview version to get feeling how it goes. Working on the next build now, as tons of bugs were already discovered in the current one. It’s buggy as hell!:slight_smile: Once the next one is out I will be sure to send you the key.


hello all & especially @lubos since its his brain child

really looking forward to using this. really am.
been wanting to do 3d in kha, but the fear of not seeing whats on screen has stopped that for now. but now i have armory, so looking to get some damn nice & sexy things made

thanks again

lewis lepton

Hello Mr Lewis, so cool to hear from you!

Maybe this will also make it easier to eventually jump to the lower level 3d stuff in Kha. Armory still has ways to go, be gentle hehe. Hope to fix all the annoyances you encounter. :slight_smile:

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im looking forward to it. since seeing kha in full flow years ago, 3d has been on my mind :wink:

im more than sure youll get the annoying little things done :wink:

I just realized that the first message that a new user see on this forum is not very engaging…
Could not it be changed ?

I think that is better to don’t engage people with wrong words than just saying the reality for them. There are active users that may help people in their questions, but not for all questions (answering is not the same as giving a solution). I personally don’t think that people will go away just because this message, looks acceptable for now. :slight_smile:

The forum probably will be “cleaned” when it is ready. A lot of issues posted here don’t even exists anymore.

New user to Armory3D but certainly not with Blender 3D, nor the game-engines surrounding it.

While I’ve downloaded it in the past I never attempted to make a serious project with it.
I’ve now decided to do so.

Looking forward to using Armory3D and its tools.


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