Irratic logic node behavior

Came across some wired behavior because I was trying to store transforms of an object in a variable and for debuging reasons wrote the location, rotation and scale to the canvas. But not only are the transforms not stored in the variable, if I output the variable the cube suddenly loses it’s transforms oO

Node setup is quite simple and on first glance everything seems normal:

But look at what happens when I output not the objects transform, but the transform variable I am trying to set:

That leaves some questions:
Am I right in believing the “set variable” can store properties to be used later down the line or am I using it wrong.
And outputting information to the canvas and the objects transforms reverting is wanted behavior or one hell of a bug?

Edit: Uploaded the .blend file to my dropbox since I had to pack it because the canvas is separate.

Finally pushed a fix for this, should now work like expected. So it was more like one hell of a bug!

thank you so much :slight_smile: <3

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