Is Armory 0.6 rendering already good?

This is a question for those using the 0.6 work in progress.

I do not use 0.6 wip and prefer to wait for 0.6 official release that should be more stable.
But i would like to try some renders about lighting and materials for the demo i’m making.

Is lighting and material rendering improved or should i wait for 0.6 official release ?
(Normal maps , roughness and metallic was not working in Armory pbr node and lighting was too dark).

Looks like Armory 0.6 is already released on, on patch notes left.

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After some materials tests, it’s not working (lights have no effect on Armory pbr material, graphic bug after activating and deactivate clouds system etc …).
Will wait for 0.6 official release.

Some rendering issues seem to be moved closer to O.7 :(. Check roadmap

official released:

So will wait for 0.7 or 0.8 lol

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Indeed, lol :slight_smile: … !!!

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HDR lighting goes through wall and appear little unproper.

HDR mipmap is calculating wrongly, i.e., HDR is pixalated.

Only 1 area light work in krom while area light doesnt work at all in html5.

Voxel AO I think work goodly.

Create new GitHub issues, it’s more useful :wink:

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@lubos When are you gonna post the release notes?