Is Armory working for everbody else in the new Blender 2.91?

Blender 2.91 released today so I tried it, but it’s not compiling my armory project.

Hi @Mr.Cringe_Kid Currently Armory supports only 2.83 LTS versions. However, we will be working towards supporting 2.9X soon.

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Ok, I assume you are a dev of Armory3d since you said “we,” so unrelated question but, will you ever add online features like GET and POST to armory (more specifically Krom as web can already do that.) Also I am having trouble with light baking, is their a tutorial for that?

I am sorry but I am not an expert with regards to networking. However, have a look at Haxe and Kha libraries. You probably may find some implementation for it. If it is already implemented in Haxe or Kha, then it can be ported into Armory3D with much less effort.

As for the light baking, are you using The Lightmapper? What issues are you facing?

Maybe @Naxela could help you with that.

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Hi @Mr.Cringe_Kid

If you’re referring to The Lightmapper as @QuantumCoderQC mentions, are there any specific errors you’re getting or just want a general introduction into how to use it, and setting up a scene? Currently, there’s more or less no documentation for it (I plan on adding a lot more documentation during next month), but there’s a little documentation for the standalone version, the panels are a little different, but it should be more of less the same as a start:

Otherwise, feel free to join the discord group if you haven’t already, or send a PM: