Is armory3d gives better performance then godot?

I am lookiny for nice 3D open source engine. I have found godot and i am not satisfied by its performance. So i looked in armory3d yesterday. free netflix I think its not good to judge entire engine from that demo. tech news My goal is to create high performance 3d games. Also can i do scripting in c++ ?? Can u suggest armory3d to me ???

The next gen platformer Godot demo was running very smooth on the old Ge Force 960 i had.

What is your hardware ?
What is your game kind and scope, open world far cry game ?

The best advice i can give you is try Armory 3D with your hardware.
Put your models , do some tests, and see yourself if it is enough high performance for your needs.

(Or use a commercial engine that have features like portals, streaming, Umbra culling or other systems, culling features will come in Godot and Armory but only in future releases).


For general game programming, C++ is not going to work. If you want to create a C++ library to do some kind of calculations, like the physics and navigation engines that Armory uses, which are written in C++, then that can work, especially because we are working on automating the process of binding C++ to Haxe. Other than that, though, you will need to write Haxe.