Is it possible to move armature bones in real time?

I have a Ik setup on my armature and would like the target to point to the mouse cursor. I have already (with the help of this forum) set up a sphere to follow the mouse cursor but I would now like the IK target, in this case the wrist, to follow that sphere when the game is running sort of like a crosshair for aiming.

The issue i’m having is that I can’t find out how to have the bone track the sphere in real time. I have tried “Child of”, “track to”, and also having the IK target as a seperate object to the armature and then parenting to the sphere. Every time the arm does not move despite the IK controller sometimes following the sphere, the bone doesn’t want to follow as well.

My question is, is this possible and, if so, how?


It is only partially possible. What works right now is moving a bone by forward kinematics using a script:

Working hard to also finish IK solver, it’s very close now but needs some more days of work… Will then also enable control using logic nodes and “track to” stuff etc.

Awesome, what you’re working on sounds like exactly what I need. Cant wait to see it

Hey @lubos was just wondering how the IK solver is coming along?

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Do we have the possibilty to test/help you for that @lubos ?

@lubos without answer from you and as I need something reliable, I rewrited your solver.