Is it possible to use Rust with Armory?

Is it possible to use Rust with Armory? If so is it messily implemented and is it difficult to use?

How would I get started?

Here is the documentation for that:

Thanks mate.

ANother question I heard that they are modifying the core of the game engine, is it already done by any chance? Would this affect Rust Wasm?

Are they going to simplify the Rust code by any chance for Armory?

I can’t say for sure about Rust. But most likely nothing will be done additionally. After all, Rust is simply translated into WebAssembly and the second is connected as a script to the engine.

I see,

Is there any overhead being added By doing this?

I cannot answer this question, in this case it is better to experiment yourself and understand whether the performance is enough or not for your tasks.


You can read about the planned changes here: