Is there a way to do pinning during cloth simulation?

Hi all,

When testing the cloth simulation, I found the pinning option is not working currently, the cloth will drop to the ground no mater what.
Is there some way to pin down the cloth?



Implemented some pinning basics for upcoming Build 10 - will be possible for both soft bodies and rigid bodies (constraint).

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Hi Lubos,

Great! Looking forward to the new build!

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Looks great. I assume the simulation is in real time?

Hi Lubos,

In build 10, I found the new pinning function works well when the vertices of the cloth are all in a plane , but for cloth in other shape it generates wired result (sort of “break into pieces”).

@Milo: I managed to reproduce this, used ico sphere as a cloth shape and it fell apart into triangles. Will try to fix, maybe something is wrong with geometry indices passed into Bullet.

@lubos: Hey after some more testing, I found out it was the “shading” actually affecting the physic.
When I used Smooth shading for softbody / cloth objects, the simulation went well.
When I used Flat shading, those objects just exploded or broke.
It is kind of weird that shading will affect the physics…this doesn’t happen in blender’s internal simulation. But at least I can use simulation now.

Edit: Also one more question about the simulation, is there a way to attach the simulating object to other object? I tried to use parent, armature deform and rigid body joint, but all failed.