Is there any kind of visual debug overlay in the player?

When using the BGE it had a “debug” option you could turn on which would show the collision shapes (not shown below), frame rate, memory and CPU used by the different parts of the engine (ie physics, renderer, sensors etc) and variable properties.


Is there anything like that in Armory either now or planned?

There is, go to Armory Project - build and check debug console and then run the game

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Cool. Thanks @BlackGoku36! I don’t see any way of showing the collision meshes, but everything else looks like it’s there (and then some). Very useful!

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You will have to enable rigid body, and then green outline will appear, and that collosion mesh

Odd… I’m not seeing any collision mesh on my rigid bodies (including the white sphere / green egg shape with eyes):

(yeah, I’m doing Armory at 2:43am in the morning… :laughing:)


There is only a way to show the bounding box, proper collision shapes are not yet in. To make it show up you have to select an object from the Scene tab in the debug console.

It’s quite spartan right now, debug draw needs more love. :grimacing:


No problem. There’s far more important things to work on right now. I’ll file an issue requesting this as a reminder for later, although it really isn’t urgent.