Is there any triangle count limit?

Hello. I am just testing v12.
To make a quick test on human animation, I have downloaded makehuman (an automatic human mesher generator, free to use license)
I have just produced a human male mesh in less than 1 second, and then I have exported it as an wavefront .obj
I have imported the mesh .obj in Armory. When trying to render, nothing appears.
If I leave the default cube+ the human mesh, it renders the cube. The human mesh doesnt appear.
The human mesh is done with more or les 26k triangles. I’ve just tried to delete polygons, dissolve edges, or even leave the head only. It doesn’t render anything.

I though I could have any problem with the animation, but this even doesn’t render a simple human static mesh. No bones has been added yet.

I think this can be easily reproducible…
Am I missing something?

Hello @Jose_Antonio_Moliner,

I tried to export the base mesh from makehuman into .obj and then imported to Blender, it seems to work here. Can you share the blend file? I may be able to discover some odd bug in Armory and fix it.

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test2.blend (1.0 MB)

My viewport.

My render result

Thanks for sharing the file! Found out the issue was caused by connected displacement socket. Displacement got broken in latest Armory builds, will be fixed next (git Kha should already work).

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Hey,Lubos. I’ve fixed the Displacement feature of the ArmoryPBR node group and it works perfectly. The answer to this person’s prayers is my custom node group. One I called… “Armory Displacement.” This cute and very simple little node group is very much like the Bump node in Blender,but it’s different.

Unlike its predecessor,it allows true displacements with the experimental Microdisplacement feature and can adjust the strength very easily. It’s built in to the ArmoryPBR group and is very easy to adjust. At long last,the Bump node has a successor. No one has to struggle with nodal Displacement ever again.