Is this project dead?

Last year I heard that Armory refunded people’s donation so I am not too sure if this project is dead or not?


Base on my understanding, it is not dead (0.5 released last year and 0.6 will be released soon according to latest info in the forum )

Regarding the refund, there was original a response in funding page, but seem update remove it

But following is one of youtube video document the original quotes:


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Hey bro, thanks for the info :slight_smile: Is it still in beta?


I think it is consider alpha, not even beta yet.

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Oh, well thanks for your help then :slight_smile:

By any chance do you know Godot? And also do you know if Armory supports Rust programming language?

Wut :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use Rust for desktop deployments through Krom if you compile it to WebAssembly:

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