Issue with the rendering engine

Why i’m having this issue with the rendering engine???

This is happened after i’ve setted Armory PBR Material for the terrain and applied it to it.
After comipling the project , i’ve also deleted the material but the issue continue to happen…

  1. is the Armory SDK updated to the latest version?
  2. Try cleaning the Cache via the “Clean” button that is next to the “Play” one.
  3. Check the console when running your game, it may provide some information of the issue like “Object X is missing UV map.” or something like that.
  4. Does your material have a normal/displacement map? if it does check if the texture is exported correctly.
  5. Create a copy of your project, delete everything that is not relevant to the problem and post it here so we can check what is going on.

Here is my project:-

There is no way to fix this, i’ve do evrything but nothing has changed…

The engine has a very big potential but is too Buggy , especially the rendering engine. I think that the eevee is much better than armory rendering engine.
When Armory will use the eevee rendering it will very impressive. But for now commercial engine are much better.

I’m still having this result even without ground material

After a bit of tweaking i’ve noticed that this occour when i rotate the pivot of the camera along x axis.

Finally i solved the problem. The Camera Pivot , the center respect which we do the rotation , must be an empty, and not a mesh. If we need a rigidBody , we can make a mesh for the root , and set the Camera Pivot, as a child of this root…

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