Just asking; want to try out some gamelogic, but don't have any idea how to!?

Topic title: Level up weapon shooter!

WHO Hi im Oliver, im coming from Berlin, im round about 40 jears old. i would like to test a gameplay logic with you guys. im not into Armory yet, but i want to try.

WHERE The Job is in Berlin, i guess. maybe we could use github for remote work or something like that?
but i do not know how to setup.
im guessing its a original project. its not based on any franchise, a bit on borderlands 1 and sacred. in the sense of gameplay logic.

DURATION - im not sure about it, im not fully into Armory. i would guess maybe 4 to 8 weeks.

JOB DESCRIPTION - Scripter / Coder. im guessing that is needed. maybe two or three of them. just to have and get the game logic. i could do some map work and import some buildings like houses or walls or something like that. but it will not have any type of textures. so we build up the “game” with rudimentary blocks and with the standard basic Character that is coming from an free 3d asset website.


  • Scripter or Coder (Nodes im guessing!)
  • Level Designer (One big map, 8 Km² )
  • UI Designer maybe ?
  • Mission Designer maybe ?
  • 3D Artist/s (very Low Poly / rudimentary / White Boxing)

DETAILS - Basically its a Shooter where the weapons are leveling up, while shooting against enemies. the enemies are located in different areas of the map. these indicates that while in different areas the enemies are having higher levels.
Im not sure what this Game is look like or how it ends up well or not!

Its just a shooter where you have to kill enemies with different levels. so i thought there will be different areas on the map, where you cant go for the first time, while you are not as “powerful” as the enemies.
So im not sure how many areas we can build on one big map and how many enemies we can offer on the different areas!? i mean how it is actually playing, is it good or more bad. (Balancing).
Im thinking of different weapon types, such as Rifle guns, rocket launcher pump gun and many more. if you know Borderlands 1, there is a specific logic behind the weapons, there are leveling up.
Here we have maybe up to five different weapon companies. but these we can build up with stuff, like animals, destryable objects like buildings maybe one or two vehicles. so its just a basic shooter, like doom or similar shooter types.

my main focus is just to have different areas filled up with different enemies, different gun types and a level up system for weapons and maybe character.
so we have :

  • One big map 8km²
  • pump gun
  • rifle gun
  • rocket launcher ?
  • sniper rifle
  • machine gun
  • some walls
  • some houses
  • maybe some trees, grass, bush or with some flowers? (maybe later! maybe while you can hide in the bush or something like that?)
  • maybe one or two vehicles
  • weapon ui, where yu can find and see what that weapons level and name is and maybe thats it. weapon got stronger while leveling up.
  • basic character (“multiplied” while beeing two different types of characters Enemy and playable user character)

CONTACT DETAILS - you can find me here in the forums (write me a PM)
or in discord from ARMORY (most_17766), im not always on on discord, maybe! but eventually you can find me here in the forums, much better! Or write a post reply here under this forum topic!


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im not into godot yet, but i want to try.

DURATION - im not sure about it, im not fully into godot.

Hi, this forum is about Armory, not about Godot. Please use Godot forums to search collaborators for your Godot project.

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i know, cant change the text, i want to try out armory… im not fully into it, so i need help, im hoping there are some german folks out there, that can do that

im hoping there are some german folks out there, that can do that

Haha, you were just talking to one :wink:

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I’ve replaced “Godot” with “Armory” in your original post now.

There are quite a few Germans around on the Discord server (including myself), and in case you prefer to talk German, there’s a #non-english channel on the server :slight_smile: I’m more than happy to help you to better understand game logic, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. I will not collaborate on your project though, I sadly don’t have enough time for this.

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