Just bought Armory3d

I’m drooling too much for armory3d. Instead of spending my money on Steam sales for games that I probably wont play much, I think it is better to support this project instead.

I’ve been burned and dissapointed too much from previous indie game engines (leadwerks, S2engine and etc). Seems like this game engine is going in the right direction with Lubos releasing new builds and bug fixing almost every month.

My hopes and request for Armory3D.
1)Stability and bugs fixing will always and should be a top priority over everything.
2)Performance! Whats the point of having a beautiful scene but it is playing less than 60fps ?
3)Core features (GUI editor, ragdoll editor ? and etc) anything that could help us.

Some Request examples
2)Loading and saving system.
3)A full template FPS or maybe other type of games. Which will includes (Menu, Options, Load and Save, and Scene switching).
4)Day and Night ? Raining or weather examples ?

When we live the day of Armory game hitting Steam, I owe you a copy of that!

I hope to steer away from things getting too disappointing thanks to your and others feedback. Posts like these are a great help to poke in the right direction. Really appreciated.

  • Working to set all the UI in stone to minimize future breakings in Build 12, then doubling down on docs and tutorials.
  • We are getting good progress on the internals, once the Vulkan / D3D12 backends are in solid shapes I want to build another benchmark scene and use that to profile and cut down the frame time again.
  • More GUI stuff coming
  • Ragdolls, load & save, weather system - noted!
  • Full FPS template sounds like a good idea. I think it should be even mostly doable right now - can now handle fullscreen, mouse lock, scene switches, new 3D audio stuff in Kha/Kore, even basic networking (example coming in Build 12)… Still have to handle load & save system and options, but that is doable. :slight_smile: